In Uganda, girls face a number of challenges steaming from their gender and position in society like gender discrimination,…

…low social status, lack of economic self-sufficiency and higher risk of HIV/AIDs infection. As one of the countries in a continent where gender discrimination generally entails overall submission to a lower social status than men, this reduces women’s powers to be independent, get an education, avoid poverty and /or escape from reliance upon abusive men.

Due to the tough economic situation and need to survive, many women and young girls are coerced into sex trade for survival and this has caused a rise in HIV/AIDS infection. In addition, cross generational sex is becoming a common practice where older men are seeking younger girls with the aim of avoiding the HIV virus, yet most of these men are already infected. This has resulted to higher prevalence rate of HIV among girls aged 13-19 years ten times higher than in males of the same age bracket in some districts.

Given the above, there is need to promote gender equality and relieve women from the hardships they face because of their position in society. Girls need to be empowered with livelihood skills, and micro enterprises creation and development. They should be able to acquire micro loans, build their own business ventures for greater economic independent and hence a boost  in self-esteem of an individual.


PROJECT GOAL: To contribute to the improvement of livelihood and position of girl child through enhancing their entrepreneurship skills and esteem uplift.

OVERALL OBJECTIVE: To empower young women into self-reliance and sustainability and keep them from engaging in   high risk behaviors to meet their basic needs.


  • To improve the livelihood of girls and reduce feminine dependency by 20% in the project catchment area.
  • To reduce the  number of women unemployed in our project area by  20%
  • To link young women to micro finance institutions as a means of accessing finances to invest in their startups.

JUSTIFICATION: Young women constitute the majority of care workers even with their limited skills and knowledge, they work tirelessly to put food on the table, send their children to school and also ensure they get the necessary health services. All this done in a society where most of their efforts are undervalued and they are paid peanuts for their services.

THE PROJECT ACTIVITIES: The project activities will involve skills training, sensitization all aimed at empowering women and improving their social status in the community.

Community sensitization: This to encourage full participation of the community members and also encourage them to embrace the project. Sensitization will also help the girls who are battling with self-esteem issues as it will be broken down into a series of other mini activities such as seminars, dialogues, to mention but a few.

Financial Literacy and micro Enterprise development: The beneficiaries will also be offered financial literacy courses to help them understand their finances and manage their finances. The will also be trained in micro Enterprise development. This will guide them on how to start up a business and grow it.

Integrate HIV/AIDS and reproductive health: This activity will be integrated in all other activities. This because young women are more vulnerable to HIV infections and many of them do not get accurate reproductive health information due to biases and cultural influences that leave many women ignorant of their reproductive health.

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