In a bid to build the broken souls and young people whose dreams have been shuttered by the various tragedies that befell them.

Some of them falling victims of circumstance and others being exploited given their innocence and ignorance, Healing Point International reaches out to these minority and vulnerable groups through the Share Love, Restore Hope project.

At Healing Point International, we believe that the most important need that any human being deserves is love. Love not only from the immediate family but from everyone around us and above all Love for self. Self-love can only be successfully achieved through enhancing one’s self esteem by appreciating themselves and whatever they possess hence triumphing over the inferiority complex, a major obstacle to self-love.


Share Love Restore Hope project reverses the hopeless state in which an individual has been and instead makes one re-strategize and make new resolutions and discoveries about oneself. All this is only possible if such people who have lost hope are brought closer, not judged by their past and also given an environment with an aura of peace that instills a sense of belonging where one can easily pour out their heart. So instead of one being an enemy of oneself, they warm up to their conscious and start loving who they are.

Goal: To restore hope and enhance self-esteem amongst the young people


  1. To address social and emotional problems experienced by young people both in and out of the school system.
  2. To empower the young people and restore hope amongst those that feel hopeless and hence regain civilization

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