Every house has a foundation and if the foundation is faulty then the house could trample down. Most children in schools though…

…confined together have come from shaky or broken backgrounds and the results surface during their teenage years amidst battling with the adolescence phase that comes with group influence, sexual attraction to the opposite sex, among others.

Performance and character in school children is influenced by their inner emotions and feelings so when life becomes a gamble on the inside, the output is less or disappointing at the end of each school year.

With regard to the above, Healing Point International felt the need to meet these school going people between the ages 15-25 by reaching out to them in their respective academic institutions such as  Secondary Schools and tertiary education institutions. These are to be reached out to by interacting with them through seminars, esteem clubs formed in schools, conferences, and one-on-one meetings. Since HPI collaborates with young celebrities, influential people, and several motivational speakers, several seminars have featured them as they present testimonies about their own journeys during their youthful stage of growth. We believe that teenagers deal with too much that they shouldn’t go through it alone, and that’s why we come in as their torch to light the dark spots in their lives.


Students in schools sometimes fear talking to their peers, teachers, or attendants and it is at this age that children feel shy talking about certain issues with their parents hence isolating themselves from others. Healing Point International looks forward to creating the kind of space and platform where these youngsters are able to talk about anything and everything that they are battling with on the inside without hesitation.

Through the esteem clubs, students become open with one another, become extroverts, and also gain confidence and courage to achieve more. Therefore we leave a landmark of peace, love, and prosperity behind, visiting and following up the progress through the ambassadors and patrons of these social groups in each school which keeps them motivated.

After nurturing these groups, we extend our partnership with these children by offering them volunteer opportunities in the organization for those who are interested in taking part in the cause so that the cycle is complete through employment or becoming financially independent.

When all is well with the students’ self-esteem and inner emotions, then they can be able to concentrate in class and perform deservingly, focusing on their lives’ ambitions and goals.

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