In Africa and world over, girl empowerment initiatives and projects have been so dominant given the high abuse of women’s rights…

…in the various communities. With reference to the above, there has been great rise and genesis of many organizations that advocate for the women empowerment. These have in the long run ended up leaving the boys to themselves or get ignored. For an economy to grow and register development, there is great need for a striking a balance in gender that’s to say through equal allocation of resources, power division and engagement of both sexes in the critical decision making processes.

Given the above, there is need to promote gender equality and engage the boy child too as a means of empowering them to be more responsible, hardworking and independent citizens of our nation and also do away with having the boy child as a threat to the prevailing peace of a country if left idle and to mother nature to nurture them.

There is an increase in young parents and this is greatly caused by the neglect of responsibility by the parents who assume boys are naturally strong and easily adaptable hence failing to guide and mentor them to be better men, husbands and parents to their children. This poses a challenge in the future because most of these boys grow up in the wilderness without mentors in their lives and hence are exposed to forces of peer group influence, isolation, and they succumb to all vices such as drug abuse, theft, gambling, and many more.

Its purpose is to inspire and motivate young men to be more responsible, ambitious, with great respect for their female counterparts. Healing Point International chose to stand with the groups that are always left out for example we see many organizations engaged in works for the Girl child but then the boys are left to the world to nurture them which is so unfair hence the Table of Men program. Some of these activities include the following:

  • Seminars
  • Motivational talks
  • Testimonies from former victims of drug abuse
  • Dialogues with youth that have thrived in business and their other various initiatives.
  • Empowerment camps with field activities and other maneuvers.
  • Soft skills training such as marketing, public speaking,


GOAL: To build a generation of independent, responsible and resourceful men with high self-esteem.

OVERALL OBJECTIVE: To empower young men into self-reliance and sustainability and keep them from engaging in high risk behaviors as a means of meeting their basic needs.


  • To improve the livelihood of boys and reduce dependency upon parents, and guardians by 20% in the project catchment area.
  • To increase the number of self-employed young men in our project area by  20%
  • To link young men to micro finance institutions as a means of accessing finances to invest in their startups.
  • To enhance the level of responsibility and multitasking traits amongst the young men as a means of preparing them for the future ahead.

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