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Society has a made a verdict over the years over the vulnerability of a girl child which does not describe who or what a woman should be in life today visa vis what we experienced at Wakisa Ministries.

Wakisa Ministries is a local Community Based Organisation that gives maternal care to expecting teenage girls until the time of delivery. It is located in Wakaliga along Masaka road and currently houses about 27 girls.

Setting off from the HPI office to Wakaliga on Good Friday, we anticipated finding a group of discouraged girls but what we found lit up our faces as the girls welcomed us with songs of Hope and Joy. The girls were delighted to have us in their home with warm smiles and hymns to go with.

After the introductions were done, we realised that most of the girls were 14years to 17years and one had just given birth a few days back. The HPI team took turns in carrying the little one without the mother hesitating which gave us more encouragement because even when we were strangers to her, she trusted her with the precious gift, her baby

During the introductions, each person gave a word of encouragement to the mothers-to-be but at the end of the agenda was a closer interaction with the girls in different groups. Groups of about six girls was made and a team member or two were distributed with the intension of communicating on a more personal basis and getting to know each other better.

To our amazement, these girls opened up about how they got to where there and very deep experiences were shared with us as we talked to them. Some with tears rolling down their faces and others with hope that this is just a wind that blows away. This is the kind of environment HPI wants to create for the youth; an environment where young people open up to us about issues on the inside.

Being a Christian based organised, most of our inspiration is from the word of the Living God so we read a few scriptures to the girls relating them to the day to day setting of our society and lives. For example paying attention to what is ahead and forgetting what happened in the past as we can neither number the hairs on our head nor add a day…..

We concluded with cutting the cake that was celebrating the death of Jesus Christ since it was Good Friday and the girls were represented by their president, Vice President, plus the Entertainment minister. We proceeded with the merry making and interactions with a few girls who felt the need to talk to specific team members basing on the first group interaction.

After that we proceeded to hand over the packages we had brought for each one of the girls including clothes, toiletries, among other necessities and then had a pictorial session with them.

We have to say, the girls were not left the same way we found them and this is an impact we are looking forward to making as an organisation; mend the broken hearted, instil hope, and restore lost hope among all fellow young people that battle with various life pressing challenges. It’s such a challenging but also an interesting journey to pursue and we shall see our goals to accomplishment through Christ that strengthens us.

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